Myfanwy Graham

New South Wales Cannabis Medicines Advisory Service, Australia

Myfanwy Graham is the principal specialist medicines information pharmacist of the New South Wales (NSW) Cannabis Medicines Advisory Service (CMAS), a first of kind in the world, Australian State government funded cannabis medicines advisory service for health professionals. Myfanwy is an affiliate investigator with the Australian Centre for Cannabinoid Clinical and Research Excellence (ACRE) and University of Newcastle Centre for Drug Repurposing & Medicines Research. Additionally, Myfanwy holds an academic appointment at the University of Newcastle in the School of Medicine and Public Health and is a NSW Regional Health Partners Knowledge Translation Fellow. In collaboration with ACRE, Myfanwy has contributed to the development of a suite of cannabis medicines prescribing guidance documents, health professional educational resources and literature reviews. Myfanwy’s research interests include cannabis medicine pharmacovigilance, analysis of real-world evidence and personalised medicine.